SSD Hosting

SSD stands for Solid-State Drive, which is much faster than traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Average read and write speed of SSD is 540 MBPS. Whereas average read and write speed of HDD is 120 MBPS. The web hosting world is now moving towards SSD hosting.

Unfortunately, so many cheap hosting providers still rely on HDD.

If Google PageSpeed Insight flags your website due to a slow ‘Server Response Time’ that means your web server takes more than 200 millisecond or 0.2 seconds to respond. This may be due to a slow web hosting service. If your website gets the slow ‘Server Response Time’ flag even after optimizing the website performance, there is no doubt that the web hosting is lagging your website behind. So it’s high time for a move to an SSD hosting.

Our SSD hosting is optimized with high performance in mind. The key features are given below:

  1. Apache mod_pagespeed module
  2. Varnish cache
  3. PHP 7.2
  4. PHP Memcached extension
  5. PHP Memcache extension
  6. PHP opcache extension

An SSD hosting starts from $4/month.

We are in the process of adding more detail information on SSD hosting. In the meantime, if you need any help regarding SSD hosting, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SSD Hosting